Friday, March 25, 2011

What's New!

It's been a while since our last post and for good reason.  We have a few new things going on at Sail Away Cafe!

Last night we hosted Jazz Musician Maikel Garcia.  It was such a pleasant evening to listen to the saxophone and enjoy a great cup of coffee.  Maikel will continue to play on Thursday evenings from 6-9 for the rest of March and into April.  While Maikel is here we will change up our Happy Hour menu to include Stone Cellars Wines.  Stop in to enjoy a relaxing evening in paradise!

In other news...Sail Away is offering freshly roasted coffee for retail sale!  Over the past few months we've gotten many requests for bagged coffee.  Well, now it is here!  Now you can enjoy coffee in paradise and take a bag of paradise home!  Our coffee is certified organic, freshly roasted and custom blended here in Belize.  The beans are hand selected from premium Arabica grown here in Belize as well as other Central American countries.  The Ancient Mayan Civilizations are the inspiration for sourcing our coffees.

For cigar connoisseurs, we offer BELICENOs!  Beliceno cigars are produced right here in Belize.  They are hand rolled, long leaf, long filler.  No chopped tobacco!  One customer rated the Churchill and 8 out of 10.  10 being his favorite cigar of which I am not familiar.  Other regular smokers have given the Beliceno rave reviews.  The only way to know for sure...stop in and try one for yourself!  Beliceno comes in 5 different styles:  Panatella, Coronita, Robusto, Torpedo and Churchill.